Short Mat Rules

PLBC - Rules of Short Mat Bowls



Short Mat League will be played as Triples with each player playing 2 woods. Each Team will consist of four club members playing in rotation.


The fourth player in each team must be used before any other club member as a reserve that is not already in a Team.


2 points for a win; 1 point for a draw.


Each team to play the teams once over the period.


Members of a playing Triple may change positions within the Triple at the completion of an end; your opponents must be informed before the change comes into force.


Each game will be played over 18 ends or a 2 hour duration (the Jack must be set within the time limit).


Jack off the mat, each team will be allowed to knock the Jack off the mat a maximum of three (3) times without penalty. For each additional offence a three (3) shot penalty will be awarded to the non-offending team.


If the Jack is driven over the fender the opposing Skip has the option of:

·         Claiming 3 shots and counting the end as played.

·         Playing the end a-new as in a dead end.


When a Bowl driven over the fender the opposing Skip shall have the option of:

·         Claiming 3 shots and counting the end as played.

·         Counting the end as played and claiming the shots lying.

·         If a Bowl and the Jack are driven over the fender at the same time the rule concerning the Jack will take precedence.


Bowl and/or Jack displacement.


If a head is disturbed by:-

·         A Bowl which rebounds from a toucher which is in the ditch.

·         A Bowl deflected by the fender.

·         A Bowl or Jack in the ditch that is moved by a non-toucher.

·         It shall be restored as near as possible to its original position by the opposing player who is in charge of play at the head and the end completed.


If a head is disturbed by:-

·         A Bowl delivered from a foot fault position.

·         A Bowl that strikes or contacts the centre block.


The opposing Skip shall have the option of:-

·         Restoring the Bowl or Bowls as near as possible to their original position.

·         Letting the head remain in its new position.

·         Playing the end again and it must be from the same direction.


Local rules as befitting the occasion maybe adhered to depending on numbers attending the function.


The above rules are only a guide to ensure consistent fair play and good etiquette is maintained / achieved.