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Season 2016

Sunday July 2016 - Bastille Day at PLBC La Charrue, it was hot .. hot, I did warn you.

22 players turned up today to take part in the annual Bastille Cup competition. The green was set up for a fun skills competition, target bowls, offset jacks, long jack, a "short mat" game, through the arches and a straightforward rinks game. We set ourselves up in 8 teams of 2 and 2 teams of 3 to enable all attendees to get a game. Names were drawn out of the hat and allocated to teams and play commenced at 3pm. Each game was of 4 ends but as the heat grew the last two games were of 2 ends each. After intense competition the winners were Sharon Courage and Allan Cooper, two of our newer members. Very well done to both of them and very well done to all the teams who continued to play in what were trying conditions.

Sharon Squires ran the raffle and that raised 105 euros for club funds.

After the bowls were over we all retired to the bar and restaurant area for drinks and beef bourgingnon followed by tarte citron and ice cream.


Winners - Terry Tetheridge, Ann Hayhow, Adrian Squires


Australian Pairs Competition

Note from Club President David Preston

For those that were there yesterday the good news is David Green is up and "running", as some of you may know he is on medication, whether this enhanced his performance with Phil by winning their first game against the 2 Alans,Carr and Biss,I'm not sure, but if this is proven(awaiting lab results) then I'll have some.

I would first of all like to thank those who helped out on the Thursday, Martyn Hayhow, Dave Green, Pamela and Alan Wotton, Alan Biss and Clive.

On arrival at the green yesterday I was amazed at what I saw, all the scoreboards set out on the edge in the middle of each rink, mats laid out all in line with a jack in the centre of each mat, very professional, so thank you Alan and Carol Biss for that, it is nice to have those sort of people within a club and be associated with them.

Also a big thank you to all 24 of you who came, even though you knew it was going to be hot , although we did have a nice breeze to start with, and unfortunately the heat got to David,I thought that the draw was quite reasonable and produced several surprise results which makes things more competitive and adds quite a bit more interest, so thank you to you all.

Thanks to Hilary and Noreen for doing the admin work, it may seem simple to some, but as we know it is not always as easy as it looks and also thanks to Hilary for stepping in when David took ill.

Also another thank you to Pauline for the ice cream cones at the half way mark, which were very much appreciated.

Thank you to Scott and Alison Braddock of Affordable U.K. Designs for putting up the prize money and the

Winners were:- P. Wotton, M.Hayhow.  

Runners up:-A.Biss, A.Carr.   3rd  S. Carr, R. Brown and 4th A.Wotton, C.Biss.

Well done everybody,regards Dave.

AXA Sponsored Day held on Wednesday 17 August 2016

Note from the Club President, David Preston

Yesterday as you all know was the sponsored day by David Atkins for Axa, the company that generously pays for an advertising hoarding and also puts up some nice bottles of wine for the prizes. Thirty players turned up for a very competitive but good natured  game and there was a good number who stayed behind for Pauline's lovely steak pie and chocolate dessert. The weather was very kind to us after the blistering start we had to the week, played in a comfortable temperature which was ideal for the amount of ends being played.

The winners were:- A Carr, S Carr and organiser of the day P Pearce.

Runners up were:- E Ritson, R Ritson and C Kelly.

3rd place went to:- P Summerhayes, R Brown and J Oborne.

Congratulations to all the above and a very big thank you to the back room people which every club needs and quite often hardly seen, and these are:- The Admin team of Noreen and Maureen, Raffle ticket seller Lyn,Raffle prizes beautifully presented once again by Jan,Rink alterations by A Biss, Pauline and her team of helpers, D Green for all his sterling effort he puts in to all of these days and Finally to Phil for persuading 30 to turn up and have a memorable day,well done everybody, regards Dave.

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