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La Charrue

PLBC 10th Anniversary.

Cancer Support France, Competition held on Sunday, 24 July 2016

The day dawned bright and sunny with the promise of a hot day in prospect. Our stalwart group of PLBC members had arrived by 2.30pm and introductions were made and the question of playing various styles of game was raised in view of the weather conditions. In the end, a round robin competition consisting of 4 ends per game was agreed to be played by the 16 members over a total of twelve ends, and sixteen for the winners. The competition was arranged for play by Pairs rather than Triples because of the limited numbers. After a little moment of confusion over the rinks on which the two groups of teams were to play, the games commenced.

After the first 4 ends a break of approximately 10 minutes was instituted for players to take on board water refreshment as required and the period used to shelter from the withering sun!

Two more games of four ends with a break in between were played, at the end of which two teams emerged as the dominant pairs.

A final play-off of the two top teams took place when the clear winners of Phil Pearce and Chris Kelly (invited to play as a stand-in for one of our players incapacitated by injury) emerged after their very close battle with Ged Hall and Alan Carr.

Our aim of course, in running the competition was to raise as much money to donate to the CSF charity as was humanly possible. A contribution came from the players in the previous Friday’s League game, the balance being raised by generous donations, green fees of 5€ per person  on the day and a very generous contribution from the raffle held on the day. A final total presented to CFS was €400! Our grateful thanks go to Joe Sibley who presented the winners and runners-up with bottles of wine and of course, The Elaine Sibley Trophy was presented to Phil and Chris, whilst the handsome plate was presented to the runners-up Ged and Alan.

Our thanks go to those helpers on the day who collected green fees, arranged and sold tickets for the very acceptable Raffle prizes and generally helped with running the competition.

Although only sixteen members were able to play, the spirit and good natured efforts by the players and helpers made the competition worthwhile and provided an atmosphere of good natured camaraderie, despite the slight confusion with rink numbers, caused by my misinformation!

David Green.

One other event this month 24th July is the CSF Competition. I believe numbers are not very high at the moment, it would be nice if we could get 24 players to compete in this event that raises money for a very worthwhile cause. David and Noreen Green are your point of contact, please if you can let them know if you can attend.


Note from David Green dated 20 April 2016

Several photos of our frenzied activity at the Working Party at the Green on Monday (18 April).
Noreen was absent from the photos to attend an urgent appointment, but she worked to full capacity all morning! Although the Green looks a bit spotty, this is because we have been levelling out lumps and bumps with sand. The surface is getting closer to the reasonable state required for our member’s use. I would appreciate a resounding thanks for those members efforts over the last two weeks, especially the “old faithfulls” who have turned up each week, they know who they are!

David Green / Martyn Heyhow

The Green Report                 November 2015

I have just returned from La Charrue, now a changed and different world!

The trees and all the vegetation behind the sponsors’ banners has been removed exposing the small pond which feeds the stream. The right half of the Sponsor’s banners’ frame, which was very fragile, was struck by one of the large falling trees and had to be removed. These banners will be resurrected in the New Year. Our Greenskeeper, Clive,  has purchased a large JCB type excavator with front full size bucket and back acter (arm and small bucket) and is intent on clearing the trees and bushes beyond the pond to the end of the winter caravan storage area. He tells me that he will clear a lot of the vegetation across the stream on the side opposite the tin sheds, and in the process, will widen the stream a little.

The Green is quite verdant at this time, new grass is showing from the newly planted seed. Moss has appeared in patches again and must be removed by hand in the near future.

Work must resume by myself and assistants on the glueing of the carpet sides, removal of leaves and repair of damaged areas.  Another Working Party will shortly be requested, to help clear and order the interior of the shed and stack as many of the chairs as is possible inside, the large shades must be lowered, repaired and wrapped before the Winter storms. And perhaps a little bit of work on the green before growth stops.

With the removal of the tall trees there may be less shade than was previously enjoyed.

It is thought that a large bag or two of lawn fertiliser needs to be used throughout the Winter and Spring.  Cost would be approximately €60 and permission is being sought from the Committee for its purchase. The relevant Committee members  will continue to look for bargains in Furniture and equipment towards the New Year.  Of course, donations of any unwanted tables and chairs, useable umbrellas, etc., after replenishment of your next years’ requirements would be very much appreciated,  Please, chairs with four legs are always better than three!

Don’t forget to keep an eye open for the request for help in a Working Party in the New Year.

At our last Committee Meeting, the setting up of a small group, perhaps four to six members, to act as a Greens Sub-Committee was agreed. Anyone interested in being involved should contact either Dave Preston, Sue Carr or myself by e-mail.  The Green has to be cut in a particular way and professional instruction will be given. I would warn anyone contemplating joining the Sub-Committee and helping with the mowing, expect to walk around four to six miles! A great excercise regime. Many other, less strenuous  jobs must be undertaken to keep the Green in good shape so don’t be overawed.


David I. Green, Gentlemen’s Secretary and unofficial Green’s dogsbody.!