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Season 2016


Round 1

 The Mixed Pairs Competition will be run as a knockout competition. Teams drawn as follows:-

 Rose Tippen/Terry Titheridge              v          Eileen Ritson/Roy Ritson

 Graham Elson/Jane Elson                   v          Sharon Squires/Ron Brown

 Aidy Squires/Sue Carr                       v          Phil Pearce/Pam Crosbie

 Richard Marshall/Sharon Courage       v          Peter Summerhayes/Margaret Dawson 

 Noreen Green/Tony Freeman              v          Ann Hayhow/Martyn Hayhow

 Jan Oborne/Alan Carr                        v          Michael Hicken/Vyvyian Goodall-Webb

 Alan Biss/Carol Biss             23          v          Hilary Hampton/Peter Hampton       10

 Maureen Titheridge/Dave Preston       v          Bye

Round 2

Martyn Hayhow  Ann Hayhow  14   Alan Carr Jan Oborne   13

Roy Ritson Eileen Ritson 14   Ron Brown Sharon Squires  7

Alan Biss Carol Biss   24   David Preston Maureen Titheridge 20

Sharon Courage Richard Marshall 23  Margaret Postlewaite Peter Summerhayes 15

Final - to be held on Thursday 22 September 2016

Alan Biss and Carol Biss v Sharon Courage and Richard Marshall