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Season 2017

Austrailian Pairs (Sponsored)

Presidents Day

Note from the President David Preston

I would like to thank the 20 who turned up for the above competition, played in hot conditions with a couple of drink breaks to give everyone the time to recover.The format was different to one in which we are used to, so a BIG thank you to Eileen and Roy Ritson for this and also going to the trouble of decorating the cards with a picture of yours truly. A buffet after for 15 was much needed and plentiful.

The Runners up were Margaret Postlewaite and Chris Kelly who won a pizza meal each, and the winners were Sharon Courage and Ron Brown who won a roast dinner each, so thank you all once again.

Bastille Day

On Sunday July 16th 2017 the Perigord Lawn Bowls Club held it's annual Bastille Day Competition at The Green,  Royal Oak, Mareuil.

This year the club hosted a group from The Chabanais Short Mat Club. Twelve short-matters turned up at 10:30 on Sunday morning to practice on what must have to some seemed an impossibly large distance to bowl a full 35 meters. Some of the short mat group had bowled on grass before but many had not. A couple of players from the PLBC turned up to coach the visitors on the way to bowl and some of the etiquette of bowling. David Preston, Alan Carr and yours truly volunteered their time to help our visitors. The morning session ended and the visitors retired to our clubhouse for a meal, a fantastic salad and drinks.

The PLBC players turned up at 2 o'clock and we were sorted into teams, many thanks to Roy and Eileen Ritson. 34 players were on the green at 2:30 to start bowling. 10 teams of 3 and 2 teams of 2. Each team had one Chabanais bowler and all teams bowled 8 woods. The game was split into 3 sections each of 6 ends, with drinks breaks factored in because of the high temperatures of the day.

After 18 ends had been played the scorecards were scrutinised and the winners of the Bastille Cup were Ken Richardson,, Sharon Squires and Helen Robson …. from Chabanais Bowling Club.

After the presentation of awards we retired to the clubhouse where the cup was presented to the winning team and sparkling wine and nibbles were enjoyed.  During the course of the afternoon, Jan Oborne and Lin  Pearce conducted a hit and run on our wallets selling raffle tickets. After the draw the Chabanais team left as they had quite a distance to travel and the PLBC members (29 of them) sat down to a meal of roast pork or lamb. It was a very enjoyable afternoon, with the green becoming very fast toward the end of the session. Fortunes were very mixed with some teams (mine) only scoring 3 points for the whole afternoon …

Many thanks to all who helped make the day a very successful event. The games were eagerly contested in a very friendly and amicable manner. And we look forward to inviting Chabanais back for other events over the course of the season.

The club would also like to thank all those unsung heroes who over the past few months have helped turn not only the green but the clubhouse into the welcoming place that it has become.

AXA Day (Sponsored by David Atkins - AXA Insurance)

Wednesday 16th August 2017 saw the annual AXA Day competition sponsored by David Atkins the local agent for AXA Assurance.

 The weather was cool to start with, there was some moisture on the green but 19 players started to bowl at 11:00.

The format for this year was 7 teams of 2 or 3 bowlers. By manipulating the number of woods the number 2 in each triple played all teams managed 8 bowls per end.

The games were of 4 ends each and by the end of the day each team had played 24 ends of bowls. Rinks were changed also throughout the day so each team played on every rink by the end of the competition.

As is usual on these days competition was fierce but again played in good spirit and with much laughter and frivolity. Lunch was taken at 1 o'clock which was an excellent starter followed by a chicken salad. Our sponsor, although unable to join us for lunch was with us in spirit … he left a very generous donation of 100 euros to be spent on drinks. All attendees took advantage of his offer and glasses raised in thanks.

After lunch a somewhat slower and relaxed attitude prevailed and bowling continued. Drinks were taken after the second game and we concluded bowling at about 4 p.m. The players and spectators then retired to the clubhouse to relax, chat and wait for the scores to be finalised. The winners who each received a nice bottle of wine courtesy of David Atkins were Ken Richardson, Sharon Courage and Richard Marshall. The runners up were one of our pairs teams Mandy Petheridge and Margaret Postlewaite. Again a bottle of wine as a prize. The third bottle of wine was donated to the raffle.

There are several people to thank for the day, David Green for ensuring the green was fit to play after all the rain on Tuesday. Noreen Green who collected the money and organised the food orders. However, big thanks must go to Roy and Eileen Ritson for organising the format and taking charge of the score cards throughout the day. It went like clockwork with no hiccups at all. Very well done.

Again I must give thanks to David Atkins of AXA for providing the prizes and booze fund, which alongside his continuing commitment to PLBC continues to be very welcome. Thanks to John Steve and Grace of the Royal Oak for the fine lunch, and efficient bar service. My final thanks to all of you who turned up for the day, and hopefully we will continue this event for many more years to come.

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18 Aug 2017, 07:57
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Richard Marshall,
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