Short Mat Bowling

Salle de Fete - Charras 2008

Indoor Short Mat Competition:-

PLBC started its Indoor Short Mat series back in the winter of 2009 -2010. We have in the past played the competition from October to mid-December, and then taken a Christmas break before resuming the series about the second week of January, and then playing through to mid-April.

Since 2013 the majority of club members have chosen to participate in joining the touring party to Spain, which has taken place during the month of February.  Many members have also found that the Spanish winter and cost of living suits them better, so the majority choose to extend their vacation in Spain by adding on January as well. This has as you can expect has  resulted in a  reduction of  our indoor short mat competition dates, and whilst it is hard for those club members  who remain in France over January and February, the cost of the hall is too much for the club to bear. So the indoor season has not been resuming until March through to mid-April, how long this situation continues remains uncertain. It is up to the majority of players to make the choice, but we require a minimum of 12 players a week to make it viable to rent the hall.

Previous winners .. :- 2009 – 2010 …….. Alan Carr

                                    2010 – 2011 ……… Martyn Hayhow

                                    2011 -  2012 ……… Sue Passmore

                                    2012 – 2013 ……… Martyn Hayhow

                                    2013 – 2014 ……... Sue Carr

                                    2014  - 2015 ……... Peter Fillingham

                                    2015 - 2016 .......... Adrian Squires

                                    2016 - 2017 .......... Peter Fillingham

                                        2017 - 2018 ........... 

A small selection of coloured bowls used by our members (2016)