Letter from the club Secretary

29 March 2017

Welcome fellow Bowler,

This is an invitation far you to consider joining a group of like-minded people whose only aim is to have some fun whilst playing the serious game of Lawn Bowls. My name is Sue Carr and I am
Secretary of the Perigord Lawn Bowls Club, established ten years ago to provide a Green and bring together a group of people who like to compete against each other in pleasant surroundings and in congenial company.

We have around 5O members, who each pay 2O€ a year to help fund admin and equipment costs and contribute towards the cost of maintaining the Green.

Now we are by no means all expert, experienced bowlers, that is why we need to practice and if
necessary, have a bit of coaching in both our playing skills and our understanding of the rules of the game.

We will each pay our 3€ green fees to John Bailey (see sponsor page - Royal Oak) when we play on his Green, and enjoy a decent pint at the end of the game!

We will be arranging competitions from time to time and we would look forward to having new
players in our teams. Bowls are available on loan to new bowlers who may not have a set of bowls' of their own. The only requirement is that a pair of flat shoes is worn, without any outstanding pattern.

You may have seen bowls being played on TV and will see that its not just a sport for older people but is enjoyed by an increasing number of youngsters who are competing in the game at high level.

For more information, call and arrange to meet at the Royal Oak in Mareuil-sur-Belle to discuss any aspect of the game, or our club, contact:

David Preston,Chairman: Tel:0555785994 E-mail:
Sue Carr, Secretary Tel: O553 5672919 E-Mail: alancarr@wanadoo-fr

Our small Committee comprises:-

Michael Hicken, Treasurer, Aidy Squires, Competition Organiser, and Sharon Squires, Jan Oborne, Philip Pearce and David Green & Sharon Courage as other Committee Members.

Reasons to be Cheerful

01 March 2017

Perigord Lawn Bowls Club

Reasons to be Cheerful

I have been a member for a few years now and after a while I learned that my hand/eye
co-ordination is not of the best, and although I sometimes enjoy playing, I have often thought my efforts to be a good player are hampered by my general inconsistency in playing the game!
However, I do enjoy the unfailing good natured banter and enthusiasm which emanates from our
membership in helping me to be a better bowler.

I was sorry to leave La Charrue, its rural setting and ideal space were originally its great attractions and gave the club a comfortable feel. I became a Committee Member a couple of years ago, and enjoyed my more "hands on" roll in being involved in green maintenance and other jobs that have utilised my administrative abilities.

We, as a club, are moving, this year, into a new situation in association with the owner of the Royal Oak in Mareuil, just a stones' throw to the West of our previous Green. The well constructed Green at Mareuil accommodates anyone prepared to pay 3€ per game, provided a rink is available and is booked in advance.

Perigord Lawn Bowls Club is hoping to arrange with the owner, a limited schedule of competition
games. All bowlers who become part of the club for a modest annual fee of 20€ , may engage in
organised competitions; have easy access to club members to make private arrangements for
"roll-ups"; and join in a weekly club night of relaxed team play and numerous other social events through the year. During the Winter we also play "Short Mat', indoor bowls, weekly, at a nearby hall in the village of Charras. Opportunities are available for coaching and help with understanding the finer points of the game.

As an independent organisation from The Royal Oak nevertheless we hope our members will
participate in pre-season working parties occasionally to help the Green's owner with maintenance issues.

We are looking forward with eager anticipation to an exciting season in our new location, maybe
making new friends, and meeting new challenges.

We look forward to working alongside John the owner of the Royal Oak and his family, in forging a partnership which benefits us all.

David Greenl, PLBC Member A Personal View.,

The Bowling Experience – Finding your Feet!

I was never distinguished in the sports field at school,  only after school did I play (Sunday League) Cricket, and watch, (Yorkshire).

After retiring to France, the only sports I indulged in were Gardening and Cutting Grass. My Wife felt I needed another physical type of activity and as La Charrue was close by it seemed a good idea to see what a Bowls Club was all about.

Without good hand eye co-ordination, flexibility of joints and an inability to send my bowls in the right direction through poor hand and arm muscle control, I settled into a rather depressing lack of consistency.

I tried the Short Mat indoor bowls but found the small wooden bar half way down the mat a magnet for my bowls. Outdoor I would make the tail end of a team by playing at position number one which meant I had the first opportunity to surround the Jack (small white ball) but never seemed to get closer than three or four yards!

The real experience was meeting some really interesting people, getting some excellent advice, watching some expert players who had bowled most of their life, and being a spectator at competition bowling which was sheer magic and seemed effortless in the hands of masters of the game.

I have improved a little over the four years with the Club, still getting some good coaching, but I have found that I enjoy exercising some talents from my life in administration plus some practical skills which I hope I can utilise successfully for the benefit of the Club. Sitting on the Organising Committee means I sometimes can add my voice to improving and organising the Club for the benefit of its members.                                                             

I used to be worried about the fact that prospective members turned up, bowled and found a consistency and accuracy I could not match!

Now, the combination of  camaraderie, fresh air, seeing some expert bowling, a willingness to help maintain the Green and its environs, gives me a good measure of satisfaction in helping all of our members enjoy the sport.

Most people of reasonable health, a measure of patience to acquire the bowling skill, and a measure of commitment if they are interested in taking part in keenly fought competitions, cannot find  a more rewarding  sport or pastime to play in their leisure time mostly under enjoyable weather conditions in this part of France. If you have never held a bowling ball, don’t despair, You will receive expert tuition from a qualified coach and be on your way to become  a part of our group of enthusiasts.

La Charrue is hosted by Pauline and Clive Davie and comprises a complex of camp site, Restaurant and Bowls Green, close by Vieux Mareuil on the D. 939 (Angouleme to Perigueux road, going South),  watch for our signs after Vieux Mareuil; so call in for a drink, or a meal, watch the bowling during the outdoor season May to September, or even stay in the quiet campsite for a modest fee.

A personal view by David Green,  Gentlemen’s Secretary, Perigord Lawn Bowls Club.


The Perigord Lawn Bowls Club is based at The Royal Oak, Mareuil sur Belle, Aquitaine, Tel: 09 51 98 85 16, or talk to our Club Secretary, Sue Carr or the Gentlemens Secretary, David Green(see "Committee Members" for contact information), but best of all, call in on your travels.

Richard Marshall,
2 Apr 2017, 02:54